Nokero Light Bulb

Nokero – Most affordable solar powered bulbs.

The Nokero’s solar powered light bulbs is the world’s most affordable solar light bulb, and setting new standards for affordable off-grid lighting. The Nokero Shavano (N220) Solar Light Bulb is a very bright, all-in-one solar LED light that fits in the palm of your hand. Twice

Tube Toys

A toys assembled from their own packaging

Product packaging formed nearly 30-40% of actual product that comsumer purchased from the store. In the modern city, every day million of single use product packaging being discarded and ended in the land fill. Discard a product packaging not only waste a lot nature resources,

We give our shipping box a new life.

What will you do to the boxes or carton after you have received your purchased item? I guess most people’s will say “I will keep it if I need it, if not I will just throw it away.” The conclusion is more people will throw

Why Jute called “Golden Fiber”?

Why Jute is called “Golden Fibre”Jute is a golden fibre. And its colour is only one of the reasons for the well-deserved name. The golden fibre, for a quite long time had helped to earn many Bangladeshi’s livelihood and brought smiles in their faces. Jute