Why Jute called “Golden Fiber”?

Why Jute is called “Golden Fibre”Jute is a golden fibre. And its colour is only one of the reasons for the well-deserved name. The golden fibre, for a quite long time had helped to earn many Bangladeshi’s livelihood and brought smiles in their faces. Jute being annually renewable and bio degradable, it plays a very important role in environment protection.

It is a natural vegetable fibre which merges with soil and does not emit toxic fumes or residue on combustion.It is one of the cheapest, strongest and most versatile of all natural fibres and considered as fibre of the future. Its silky texture, high tensile strength and resistance to heat and fire makes it suitable for use in industries as varied as fashion, travel and luggage, furnishings, carpets and floor covering, decoratives, textiles and made-ups.