A Kickstarter funding project – A Water Bottle That Tracks Its Own Eco Impact.

A simple but practical idea from the Kickstarter funding project, the 999Bottle is a 24-oz. ( 0.7 L) stainless steel water bottle with one unique feature: a built-in, rubberized turn-dial that lets you keep track of the number of water bottles you’re saving from the landfill. Every time you fill the 999Bottle, you simply turn the three-digit dial on its rubberized base, the 999Bottle allows you to count the number of plastic bottles you don’t buy by virtue of carrying your reusable bottle.

The companion app will translate your non-consumption into easy-to-understand graphics and messages of positive reinforcement: “You’ve saved 1,063 bottles! That’s equivalent to the height of the Eiffel Tower.” Using the app to tap into your social network could provide additional encouragement, as you compete against your friends or join forces to measure your group’s collective impact.